High Tides, Good Vibes

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetSalty hair and sun-kissed skin: the best accessories for sand colored clothing. There is something so pure about slipping into a flowing top and watching the ocean from afar. I feel humbled, inspired, and calmed by the subtle roar of waves crashing in the distance. My Pisces soul is at peace as I soak up this simple view of the world. Continue reading “High Tides, Good Vibes”

Sweet Simplicity

10It’s pretty obvious that I love having time to put together a nice outfit, but lately, I’ve been feeling refreshingly low maintenance. From bed head hair to barely there makeup, getting ready in a pinch has never been so easy. One of my go-to formulas for creating a casual summer look involves teaming a sleek tank with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a splash of accessories. The possibilities are endless, but the outcome remains the same: an effortless getup for those chill June/July days. Continue reading “Sweet Simplicity”

Perfectly Imperfect: Get Empowered with the Stars of MTV’s “Girl Code”

The strive for perfection seems to drive our Instagram-obsessed world. We need the perfect clothes, the perfect hair, the perfect makeup, the perfect shot. But how many of us are actually perfect?


The fact of the matter is that perfection isn’t natural…and that’s ok!


I recently had the opportunity to interview Carly Aquilino and Nessa Diab, stars of MTV’s hit show “Girl Code,” about their “Perfectly Imperfect” initiative, a campus tour designed to empower college women through conversations regarding emergency contraception. During our discussion, these ladies taught me so much about liberating myself while embracing life’s imperfections-important lessons that I want to share with all of my followers!

Read on to find out what being “Perfectly Imperfect” means to Carly and Nessa and how you can join the initiative. Continue reading “Perfectly Imperfect: Get Empowered with the Stars of MTV’s “Girl Code””

FENTY x PUMA | Chelsea Collective

Flashback to a vlog uploaded by The Fashion Citizen: Steph and Mel just purchased the FENTY x PUMA Creepers in the colorways “Oatmeal Oatmeal” and “Oatmeal Black.” I watch in admiration as they tie the laces up their ankles, adding a delicate touch to the effortlessly cool chunky kicks. Then, I open a new tab and begin my own search, quickly realizing the high demand for Rihanna’s collection. I accept my defeat, and move on with my life.


I receive a glorious email from a local fashion and fitness boutique, Chelsea Collective, informing me that they are throwing a party to celebrate the release of three new colorways: black, white, and green. They kindly offer me a VIP invitation, including a $100 gift card and a full-size bottle of a Rihanna fragrance of my choice, and clearly, I accept!

unnamed Continue reading “FENTY x PUMA | Chelsea Collective”


From a young age, I’ve been particular about fragrances. Sure, sure, I started off with a colorful collection of cucumber-mellon body mists in the nineties, but you live and you learn. And what I’ve learned is that scents are extremely personal. Part of this stems from the fact that everyone’s body chemistry reacts to perfume differently. But there is also something to be said for the fact that fragrance plays a major role in setting the scenes of our lives. unspecified Continue reading “C L E V E R D E V I L S”